John Curtis is the most storied football program in the state of Louisiana and arguably the nation. The Christian School in River Ridge has a laundry list of prospects throughout the years and 2018 is as loaded as any year the Patriots have had. 

Brandon Davis is the prospect from John Curtis that is reviewed today and I was truly stunned when I watched him. Brandon is not only a football player boasting offers from South Alabama, ULM, and Southeastern Louisiana, but he is also one of the top baseball players around and can easily go to the next level in that sport as well. Going straight into this one, no time to waste, see for yourself. 

Name: Brandon Davis

Twitter: @_bdavis2

Position: CB

Height/Weight: 6’0″ 170lbs

Stats: 36 tackles, 5 INTs, 12 PBUs

1st Team All-District

New Orleans All-Metro

LFCA All-State

What We See:

  • Plays the heck out of cover 2 & 4
  • Love his frame
  • Playmaking ability, always seems to be in the area and makes the most of those opportunities 
  • Ball skills are very good
  • Footwork is there, no wasted motion in his movement
  • Plays the ball in the air like a wide receiver, some almost look like they are thrown to him
  • Short area burst shows when he’s driving on the football, especially in cover 2, explains why they run it so much
  • Speed to run with opposing WRs deep
  • Aggressive attacker in the run game
  • Pretty long arms help him with getting PBUs at an assortment of angles 
  • Just always seems to be in position to make a play on the ball, windows are really small to fit into
  • Played against some high level competition and more than held his own
  • Student of the game, very comfortable when route combinations come his way, he remains disciplined to his assignment

RTB Take:
I say this with extreme honesty and no bias, I haven’t viewed many cornerbacks that, in my opinion, are better than Davis. I clearly could be incorrect, but I didn’t break this down on my own. 3 people watched Davis play and came away with the same result that he is a big time player. His athletic ability and instincts stand out immediately and brings ball skills to the position as well. He’s disciplined in zone coverage even when multiple looks are thrown at him. He has the speed to run with speedsters, stays on receivers hips, and has long arms to go along with it that allow him to contest passes from so many different angles. He’s also unafraid to come up and play the run aggressively and fearlessly. 

Brandon is big time in my mind and if he sets himself to be a high level football player, he can. Davis is such a good baseball player that he can go that route as well, but something tells me Davis has his eyes set on college football, just a hunch. 


All photos were obtained from the Twitter of Brandon Davis